Organs & organists in paintings of Johannes Bosboom

by Frans Jespers | Het ORGEL | Year 119 | (2023) | Issue 4

Oksaal Sint-Petrusbasiliek in Boxmeer (OC 59) Aquarel, 13 x 20 cm, particuliere collectie

The painter Johannes Bosboom (1817-1891) concentrated with great success on church interiors.  In these interiors organs are frequently depicted, but seldom an organist.  In fact there is but a single organist, whom he painted in various guises:  the organ-playing monk.  His model was the Carmelite brother Gregorius of Boxmeer.  If you look carefully at the organs, it becomes clear that the painter sometimes permitted himself considerable freedom.  What led him to treat reality in this way?  Does his work have documentary value?  How close did he come to the organ and the organist?



List of all works of Johannes Bosboom with a recognizable organ