The organ makers Jacobus François and Johannes Jacobus Moreau – Auke H.  Vlagsma

by Auke H. Vlagsma | Het ORGEL | Year 118 | (2022) | Issue 2

Gouda, St.-Jan, Moreau-orgel. Foto: Jan Smelik

Although Jacobus François Moreau lived and worked in Holland, Auke H. Vlagsma omitted him from his thesis Het ‘‘Hollandse” orgel in de periode van 1670 tot 1730 (Alphen aan den Rijn, 1992).  Only the design of the case of his organ in the St.-Janskerk in Gouda was discussed.  Because Vlagsma was curious about his background, he made notes about his work during his research in archives.  In the past decades much more has been discovered, thanks to the restorations of some of Moreau’s organs, and also about the organs of the Flemish builders De La Haije.  One important fact is that Jacobus François Moreau was a member of the De La Haije family.  There has also been but little published about these organ builders.  So the author did more research to get a better idea of their work.  There was already some information available on their personal situation, but there was no complete list of their works.  This article provides the first (chronological) list, and includes information on the nature of the work carried out.