The work of the organ makers Brammertz and Gilman in The Netherlands, and how their instruments were used (1)

by Frans Jespers | Photo's: Rob Boon & Ton Reijnaerdts | Het ORGEL | Year 116 | (2020) | Issue 1

Orgelkas van Theodor Gilman in de Abdij van Kornelimuenster (Aken) (D)

In the 18th century the German organ makers Brammertz and Gilman were active in various places in what is now The Netherlands, even as far as Alkmaar. Some of their instruments are extant, including a few in what is now Belgium. They have a striking mixed Rheinland-Liège style. Recent research provides new information on the activities and significance of these masters from Kornelimünster. In the first installment, the biographies of the organ makers and their works are described.


Het orgel in de Katholische Pfarrkirche Sankt Nikolaus, Waldeck (D) [Foto: Ton Reijnaerdts]