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by Jan Smelik | Het ORGEL | Year 116 | (2020) | Issue 2

Frans Jespers opens the 2nd issue of vol. 116 with part 2 of his article on the organ makers Brammertz and Gilman in the Netherlands.  He discusses their technical approach and a number of their organs that are partly or completely preserved.  An analysis of their list of registrations gives an impression of the practice of the time.
Auke H. Vlagsma brings the beautiful case of the organ in Église Notre-Dame-des-Marais in La Ferté-Bernard, Sarthe (Pays de la Loire), to our attention.
The Groningen Orgelzomer 2019 was a striking success.  Hans Beek had an interview with Betty Knigge, project leader of the event, about the factors that led to its success.
The organ in St.-Katharinen in Hamburg, which was destroyed in WW2, still speaks to the imagination, and not least to that of researchers.  Organ scholar Ibo Ortgies illuminates the work that organ builder Gottfried Frietzsch (1578-1638) carried out on the instrument.  His article treats the number of manuals, their compass, and the split keys.
For the second article in de series of portraits of voicers Frans Brouwer visited the workshop of Gebr. Van Vulpen to put Adriaan van Rossem in the spotlight.  The “Van Vulpen sound” of the past 30 years bears his signature.
Geerten van de Wetering provides an extended review of an important study by Roman Summereder entitled ‘Heiller, Hindemith und Andere – Eine Studie zur Aufführungspraxis im 20. Jahrhundert’ {Heiller, Hindemith and others – a study of performance practice in the 20th century}, published in vol. 4 of ‘Wiener Beiträge zu Orgel und Kirchenmusik’.  Victor Timmer reviews three recent editions: ‘65 Jahre Orgelbau Ahrend 1954–2019’ by Marcus Zimmerman, ‘Johann Lorentz Christian 4.s orgelbygger’ {Johann Lorentz, Christian the 4th’s organ builder} by Henrik Fibiger Nørfelt, and ‘Die Arp-Schnitger-Orgel in der Ludgerikirche zu Norden (Ostfriesland)’ by Reinhard Ruge.

The contribution of Frits Zwart in his rubric ‘De Achterplaat’ {the back page} is called ‘Nieuws uit Elberfeld: Jan Albert van Eyken’ {News from Elberfeld:  Jan Albert van Eyken}.