Ten years of the National Course for Organ Consultants (LOTO). A conversation with Gerrit Hoving and Jaap Jan Steensma

by Jan Smelik | Photo's: Jan Smelik | Het ORGEL | Year 115 | (2019) | Issue 6

Gerrit Hoving en Jaap Jan Steensma

Ten years ago, to be precise: on 21 September 2009, the National Course for Organ Consultants (LOTO) was set up. Three organizations had taken the initiative: the Katholieke Klokken- en Orgelraad (KKOR), de Commissie Orgelzaken van de Protestantse Kerk in Nederland, and the College van Orgeladviseurs Nederland (CvON). Jan Smelik had a conversation with two organ consultants who had completed the course successfully: Gerrit Hoving received his diploma in August of this year, while Jaap Jan Steensma finished in 2013. The interview discusses the contents of the course. The consultants also tell about the value and importance of LOTO. The course offers young people a wonderful chance to become an organ consultant. In the past it was very unclear how and where one could learn the profession.