A piece of the history of Twente studied more closely.  Jacobus Armbrost and the Berner organ in Ootmarsum

by Aart van Beek | Het ORGEL | Year 115 | (2019) | Issue 4

Foto: Aart van Beek

In Ootmarsum there are two historical organs.  In 1781 Eberhard Berner of Osnabrück made an organ for the medieval church, which was then property of the Hervormde Gemeente (Reformed Congregation).  After this building was given to the roman catholic church in 1809, the Berner organ was erected in the new Hervormde Kerk in 1811 by Georg Heinrich Quelhorst, and in the old church a different instrument was placed.  The church archives contain no information about either the original building in 1781 or the removal in 1811.  The author relates the history of the instrument in the 19th century, making corrections and adjustments at several points.  In particular the 8’ Dulciaan has now been ascribed, after detailed study of the pipe inscriptions, not to Berner but to Armbrost.