In memoriam Piet Kee by Jos van der Kooy

by Jos van der Kooy | Het ORGEL | Year 114 | (2018) | Issue 4


Jos van der Kooy In memoriam Piet Kee
Het ORGEL 114 (2018), nr. 4, 30-33 [summary]

The organist/composer Piet Kee passed away on 25 May, 2018. He saw himself as musician, or even better as artist, with a great passion for composing, making music, teaching, listening to music, and visiting exhibitions. He also published musicological articles in national and international journals, among them Het Orgel and The Musical Times. His compositions were published not only by Donemus, but also by Breitkopf, Bärenreiter, and Hinrichsen. In the late 80s and 90s he made a series of CDs for the English label Chandos.

Piet Kee Photo Els Hendrikse 2007