The organ builders Van Hagerbeer. Part 1 by Auke H. Vlagsma

by Auke H. Vlagsma | Het ORGEL | Year 112 | (2016) | Issue 1


Auke H. Vlagsma The organ builders Van Hagerbeer. Part 1
Het ORGEL 112 (2016), nr. 1, 29-32 [summary]

Much has been written about the Van Hagerbeer family, which produced three organ makers and one organist. But a complete overview has not yet been made with the genealogy as background. This overview will be presented here in a number of articles. The first contains genealogical data on the forefather Galtus van Hagerbeer, the organist Hendrik Galtus van Hagerbeer, Germer Galtus van Hagerbeer (ca. 1610-1646) and Jacobus Galtus van Hagerbeer.

Part of the map fromAmersfoort J Blaeu 1649