Ten opinions about neo-baroque organs by Gerben Mourik

by Gerben Mourik | Het ORGEL | Year 111 | (2015) | Issue 5


Gerben Mourik Ten opinions about neo-baroque organs
Het ORGEL 111 (2015), nr. 5, 10-13 [summary]

Organs from the neo-baroque period now and then elicit intense reactions. The author has summarized these in ten opinions. Here are a few:

1. Because of the uniformity of disposition, the neo-baroque organ in the Netherlands was not very successful.
3. Adjusting the dispositions of organs that have no complete chorus of prestants on one clavier is defensible.
5. After fifty years the voicing has often become so unregulated that this is a good opportunity to revoice the whole organ anew.
7. There are organs from the years 1950-1970 for which any investment with a view to improving them is wasted money.
9. Augmentation of individual neo-baroque organs is the best way to adjust them to current taste.

For each of the ten opinions the author briefly presents his point of view. He hopes thus to cultivate more respect for neo-baroque instruments and the vision of their makers.