The second Scherer symposium in Tangermünde by Victor Timmer

by Victor Timmer | Het ORGEL | Year 110 | (2014) | Issue 6


Victor Timmer The second Scherer symposium in Tangermünde
Het ORGEL 110 (2014), nr. 6, 22-15 [summary]

Five years after the inauguration of the reconstructed Scherer organ in Tangermünde in 1994, a first symposium was organized about this organ. On 18 and 19 July of this year there was a second Scherer symposium in Tangermünde, during which on the one hand – with somewhat more distance than before – the reconstruction history was discussed, and on the other hand how experiences in Tangermünde had influenced later restorations/reconstructions of Scherer-related instruments, e.g. in Lemgo and Hamburg, Katharinenkirche. Thanks to new historical data concerning instruments of the Scherers, (also in a broader territorial context), and extensive research on organ cases and pipework of other organs, restorations of other instrument in the future will be able to be based on more adequate data than before.