The Scheidemann-Selle symposium in Hamburg by Victor Timmer

by Victor Timmer | Het ORGEL | Year 110 | (2014) | Issue 1


Victor Timmer The Scheidemann-Selle symposium in Hamburg
Het ORGEL 110 (2014), nr. 1, 14-17 [summary]

On 5-8 September, 2013, a large-scale symposium was devoted to two well-known musicians who characterized the musical life of Hamburg in the 17th century: the organist Heinrich Scheidemann and the cantor Thomas Selle. Both died 350 years ago, in the plague year 1663. Also this year (2013) the newly reconstructed ‘old’ organ of the Katharinenkirche was inaugurated, that is, the organ in the church that Scheidemann served for many years and where Selle was also regularly heard. The balanced program was organized around a number of themes, with five lectures on each: (a) general aspects Hamburg’s musical life at that time, (b) Scheidemann, (c) Selle, and (d) the organ, in particular that in the Katherinenkirche. There was also a small exhibition with autographs of Scheidemann and his Hamburg contemporaries. Nine concerts were given with programs related to the themes. As an annex to the symposium, there was a master class ‘Scheidemann’ on the new organ of the Katherinenkirche on 9 and 10 September. The organization of the very successful symposium was carried out by the musicologist Ulf Grapenthin, in coöperation with the Hamburg Museum (where most of the lectures were given), the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, and the Hauptkirche St.Katherinen. An excellent selection of speakers was heard by an audience of about 50 from various countries (among which Germany, Russia, Sweden, USA, Belgium, The Netherlands). The Netherlands provided 3 speakers and 3 listeners. The complete texts of the lectures will be published in a symposium report.