Organizing organ concerts: a special talent? by Olga de Kort-Koulikova

by Olga de Kort-Koulikova | Het ORGEL | Year 108 | (2012) | Issue 3


Olga de Kort-Koulikova Organizing organ concerts: a special talent?
Het ORGEL 108 (2012), nr. 3,4-11 [summary]

In the second part of her article on organizing organ concerts, Olga de Kort-Koulikova discusses the situation in the Netherlands (the first part treated organ concert life in Russia). How are organ concerts organized in the Netherlands? What questions and problems confront organ committees? In order to formulate answers, concert organizers in Breda and Haarlem were interviewed. The article also includes answers that organ committees gave to written questions. It is clear that organ committees realize that much more is involved in an organ concert than good will and a nice organ. The organizers agree on the success factors: interesting programming based on familiarity with the organ, good publicity, and a budget that helps to realize many plans.
Concert series have a future as long as the question ‘How do you organize an organ concert without subsidy and with a disappointing budget?’ does not overshadow all other questions. The important questions are then ‘Why and for whom am I organizing a concert?’, and ‘What do I as organizer need to know about it?’