Pieter Bustijn (1649-1729) – A local organist of international significance by Albert Clement

by Albert Clement | Het ORGEL | Year 108 | (2012) | Issue 2


Albert Clement Pieter Bustijn (1649-1729) – A local organist of international significance
Het ORGEL 108 (2012), nr. 2,4-10 [summary]

For a long time it was thought that The Netherlands had brought forth no composers of importance in the period between Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621) and his colleague Alphons Diepenbrock (1862-1921), who lived precisely 300 years later. In the mean time, we have realized that there were other important Dutch composers. Pieter Bustijn from Middelburg belongs in fact among the Dutch composers of world fame. His harpsichord suites, which are also regularly played on the organ, were published 300 years ago. In the article the author considers the suites and their international significance.

Bustijn’s music can be heard via the following links:

    Pieter Bustijn: Suite No. 1 in d minor for harpsichord – Alessandro Simonetto – OnClassical

    Pieter Bustijn (1649-1729) Suite No.6 in A minor

    Pieter Bustijn – Suitte I pour le Clavessin (Simone Stella)

    Pieter Bustijn part 2 sarabanda and Giga (Ernst Stolz)

    Pieter Bustijn: suite in a-minor first 2 parts on cembalo by Ernst Stolz

Suite II in D Bram Beekman (KZGW 6810869)
Suite II in D Margreeth Chr. De Jong (Den Hertog CD DH8206022)
Suite III in G Ton Koopman (Philips 6514082)
Suite IV in C Albert Clement (Jubal CD ZV 94172-2)
Suite V in g Bob van Asperen (Sony Classical SK 46349)
Suite VI in a Gerard Dekker (Editio Laran ST 7072)
Suite VI in a Jacques Ogg (Globe GLO 5101)
Suite VIII in A Simon C. Jansen (Vivace 575)
Suites I-IX Alessandro Simonetto (OnClassical OC49B, also licensed for Brilliant Classics 941870)
Suites I-IX Steven Devine (Zefirrecords ZEF 9626)

Double virginal, build by Lodewijck Grouwels in 1600
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Het vergulde Pansijser – House in the Nieuwstraat van Middelburg where Pieter Bustijn was living (Photo: Christiaan Clement)