The ‘Göteborg International Organ Academy 2009’ by Erik Zwiep

by Erik Zwiep | Het ORGEL | Year 106 | (2010) | Issue 1

Erik Zwiep The ‘Göteborg International Organ Academy 2009’
Het ORGEL 106 (2010), nr. 1, 16-19 [summary]

The ‘Göteborg International Organ Academy’ (GIOA) took place from 7-15 August. The festival distinguishes itself from other festivals by the emphatic academic element: there are not only special concerts, but there is also a lot of attention given to sharing knowledge. The theme of the 2009 GIOA was: ‘The Organ in Culture and Context’, and there were two subthemes: 1) ‘Ten Years with the North German Baroque Organ: Improvisation and Repertoire’, and 2) ‘Pipe Organ and Jazz’.


Photos: Erik Zwiep

Johannes Landgren during a workshop

Hans Davidsson (left) and Ron Leaver (right)

Saxophonist Håkan Lewin