Daan Manneke: organ works by Kees Weggelaar

by Kees Weggelaar | Het ORGEL | Year 102 | (2006) | Issue 2

Kees Weggelaar Daan Manneke: organ works
Het ORGEL 102 (2006), nr. 2, 6-13 [summary]

Daan Manneke is one of the few Dutch composers who write organ music regularly. Manneke studied with Ton de Leeuw. He developed his own style as an answer to the debate in the 1960s as to whether new music should be tonal. Important elements in his work are notions like vitality and space (not only with respect to exploring the specific acoustics of a given space, but also as a compositional concept). In 1986, Manneke succeeded De Leeuw as professor of composition at the Sweelinck Conservatorium at Amsterdam.
Manneke has written eleven organ works: De zonne rijst (1963, seven variations), Patronen (1966, dodecaphonic), Trois petites Symphonies pour orgue (1967, influenced by Messiaen), Diaspora (1967, on a poem by Gerrit Achterberg), Pneoo (1969, inspired by the ‘windorgel’ near Vlissingen), Organum (1986, referring to medieval music), Voorspel op de naam BACH (1985, influenced by Messiaen), Et in tempore vesperi erit lux (1991, polyvalent and chromatic harmonies), Caccia II (short piece, originally for two trumpets), Offertoire sur les grands jeux (nine ‘tableaus’, quoting Pneoo), Symphonies of Winds (1996, dedicated to Ton de Leeuw).