A Renaissance organ at Dordrecht by Auke Hendrik Vlagsma

by Auke Hendrik Vlagsma | Het ORGEL | Year 101 | (2005) | Issue 5

Auke Hendrik Vlagsma A Renaissance organ at Dordrecht
Het ORGEL 100 (2005), nr. 5, 21-23 [summary]

In his article on the convent of the Magdalena Sisters at Dordrecht, published in 1903, J.L. van Dalen mentions an organ in the Heilige Sacramentskapel at Dordrecht. Several archives appear to contain some more information on this instrument. It was built by Joost van der Strate, a member of the mendicant order. He built it in his home, where it was examined twice by three organists: Melchior van Oudewater, the prior of the local Augustin convent, and chapel organist Servaas. The organ had sixteen stops on manual and positive. The manual had six ‘Clijkettens’, which may have been a little blockwerk, a six-rank mixture in fact. Joost van der Strate was obliged to show organist Servaas how to register and how to tune.