The organ of the St. Martinuskerk at Westwoud by Henk Verhoef

by Henk Verhoef | Het ORGEL | Year 100 | (2004) | Issue 6

Henk Verhoef The organ of the St. Martinuskerk at Westwoud
Het ORGEL 100 (2004), nr. 6, 12-21 [summary]

In 2003 the Ypma organ of the St.-Martinuskerk at Westwoud was re-inaugurated after a restoration carried out by Elbertse Orgelmakers. Ton van Eck was consultant.
The Ypma organ succeeded a Gerstenhauer organ from 1791. This instrument was sold when the parish at Westwoud built a new church in 1851. The organ is preserved (its shape has been slightly changed) in the Oude Kerk at Scheveningen.
Over the years, the Ypma organ was not changed much. The organ building firms Pels and Vermeulen worked on the organ; some small specification changes and new horizontal bellows were the results. As early as 1951, organ builder Bernard Pels proposed to reconstruct the original situation, but this proposal was not taken over. Now Elbertse Orgelmakers has reconstructed the organ.
The result is a special organ, in which all stops cooperate optimally. The Hoofdwerk has a classic character, whereas the Bovenwerk is a bit more romantic. (The case of the Rugwerk is empty; or rather, it is a cupboard that contains a collection scores that has continually been augmented ever since 1864; hence a quite extraordinary collection.) The foundation stops can be combined in many ways without adversely affecting the balance of sound. The touch is very nice as well.
It is really unique that this instrument, like the rest of interior of the church, has been preserved so well.