Composing for organ at Noorbeek by Kees Weggelaar

by Kees Weggelaar | Het ORGEL | Year 100 | (2004) | Issue 3

Kees Weggelaar Composing for organ at Noorbeek
Het ORGEL 100 (2004), nr. 3, 30-35 [summary]

At Noorbeek, a village near Maastricht, a series of organ recitals takes place annually. This series is a special part of the Limburg Organ Festival, in which every year a new organ piece is introduced, composed for the Koulen organ of the St.-Brigidakerk (1852). This way, composing for organ receives a structural stimulus in the province of Limburg.
Particularly deserving of mention are the compositions written by Margriet Ehlen (Paulo minus ab angelis, 1993), André Stolwijk (Chaconne pour le temps de guerre, 1994), Sjef Streukens (Onze Vader, 1995), Gerard Sars (Vier dodca’s, 1995), John Slangen (Rabot, 1996), Eric Verbugt (Es ist Zeit, 1997), Henry Konsten (Ballade, 1998), Sumire Nukina (Brigida, 1999), Hans Lammers (In saecula saeculorum, 2000), Gerard Franck (Toccata, 2001), Ton Reijnaerdts (Triptiek, 2002) en André Stolwijk (Interludia ’ad regias agni dapes’, 2003).