The composer Tamara Ibragimowa  by Kees Weggelaar

by Kees Weggelaar | Het ORGEL | Year 98 | (2002) | Issue 3

Kees Weggelaar The composer Tamara Ibragimowa 
Het ORGEL 98 (2002), nr. 3, 5-8 [summary]

Tamara Ibragimowa was bornin Moscow in 1958. She studied music theory and composition in Baku andcomposition in Moscow. She finished her studies in 1983.

Ibragimowa composes music forensembles and orchestras, such as In the Garden of my Soul (1992) and Das Hausin dem niemand wartet (1998), but also organ music and music for organ withother instruments/vocalists.

She has composed two organpieces: Mysterium Sacrum (1993) and Was willst du dich o meine Seele… (1996).Mysterium Sacrum has a five-sectional form: a-b-c-d-a. It is rather static inits atmosphere. Ibragimowa prescribes unusual registrations, like Sharp and 2’ Flute;she prefers to use the Tremulant often. Was willst du dich o meine Seele… iseven more sober. Its main part is a trio, with the melody of the chorale in thePedal.

Ibragimowa’s works withorgan are: Kreuzigung (1998, for baritone and organ) and Klage (2001, for tape,percussion, baritone, soprano, violoncello, organ and six dancers,).