Interview with composer Saskia Macris by Kees Huges

by Kees Huges | Het ORGEL | Year 97 | (2001) | Issue 6

Kees Huges Interview with composer Saskia Macris
Het ORGEL 97 (2001), nr. 6, 37-39 [summary]

In 1997, Saskia Macris won the Hinsz organ composition contest at Kampen, with thecomposition Bevrijding (Liberation). It was her first organ piece. Now she hascompleted a new composition, called Adluvio.

Saskia Macris (1964) grew up in France. She moved to The Netherlands to study –among other courses – composition at the Amsterdam Conservatory with Theo Verbey andDaan Manneke. What makes a piece ‘typical Macris’?

Macris: ‘Of course I have recurring questionsnd wishes. It is important, forexample, that my work have one movement, even though several characters arejuxtaposed. In myself, I feel as it were one long breath as well, in which severalcontrasting aspects can co-exist.’