Peter van Dijk: The preliminaries of the restoration of the Organ in the Der Aa-Kerk at Groningen

by Peter van Dijk | Het ORGEL | Year 95 | (1999) | Issue 5


Peter van Dijk The preliminaries of the restoration of the Organ in the Der Aa-Kerk at Groningen
het ORGEL 95 (1999), nr. 3, 27-30 [summary]

The world-famous organ in the Der Aa-Kerk at Groningenwill be restored. The preparation of the restoration has taken several years now. On 14September 1995, the owner of the organ, the Foundation Der Aa-kerk Groningen, presented arestoration plan, drawn up by their advisor, Rudi van Straten. This plan was a new versionof an older plan, submitted in 1992 and later withdrawn. The city of Groningen granted apermit for the plan. Organ builder Reil was contracted to carry out the restoration, anddismantled the organ in January 1997. After the dismantling, it was concluded that theweakened structure of the organ required an adjustment of the restoration plan. In 1997the ‘Wijzigingsvoorstel’ was submitted, which included the reconstruction of theSchnitger’s case, in particular its rear panels and framework, and, consequently, theconstruction of new, smaller wind-chests for the Hoofdwerk. As a result of the smallerspace in the Hoofdwerk, some stops will have to be moved to the Bovenwerk or removed. Cisand Dis will also have to be removed. [FOTO DER AAKERK / Bijschrift:] The organ in the DerAa-Kerk at Groningen. Photo Jack Schroevers The city of Groningen received 14 petitionsthat were discussed in an informal hearing on 11 February 1998. The Advisor on Organs ofthe National Monument Service advised the city to agree. After publishing its permission,the city received 9 petitions, among others from the Foundation for the Protection of theMain Organ of the Der Aa-Kerk, which was established on 3 November 1998. The officialhearing was on 22 February 1999. The petitions focused on the way the plan was conceived,the contents of the plan and the way the preliminaries had taken place. Before long, thecity of Groningen will have to decide what to do. If the city upholds the rebuildingpermit, it is possible that a lawsuit will be the next stage. The preparation of therestoration would be served by open discussion between all experts. A symposium might be agood idea. See also

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