Willem Jan Cevaal: The music publisher Ars Nova

by Willem Jan Cevaal | Het ORGEL | Year 95 | (1999) | Issue 3


Willem Jan Cevaal The music publisher Ars Nova
het ORGEL 95 (1999), nr. 4, x-x [summary]

The rediscovery of ancient music in the first half of the20th century led to new ideas about church music. Prominent and progressive organistsdecided that good church music had to be polyphonic. Such good music was scarce however.Amateur musicians in particular were in need of a supply of good quality compositions.Organist Adriaan Kousemaker of Goes, a composer of such music himself, realised that easyavailability of new church music was important. Consequently, he established about 1942the publishing firm Ars Nova. From 1942 until 1979 Ars Nova published a large number ofnew compositions written by Dutch organists. The catalogue contained not only choir- andorgan-music, but also well-known piano compositions. The organ works were divided intothree categories: music for the service, chorale preludes, and free organ works. Generallyspeaking, this music was not very difficult. General interest in Ars Nova’sactivities was considerable in the 1940s and 1950s. After 1960, interest was focused moreon chorale preludes from the 17th and 18th centuries.