The new organ in the Noorderkerk in Spakenburg

by Han Leentvaar | Het ORGEL | Year 94 | (1998) | Issue 7


Peter van Dijk & Rogér van Dijk

The new organ in the Noorderkerk in Spakenburg

Het ORGEL 94 (1998), nr. 2, 31-34 [summary]

In April 1997 the new organ in the Noorderkerk in Spakenburg, built by Mense Ruiter Orgelmakers (Zuidwolde, Groningen), was inaugurated. Jan Jongepier was the advisor. The instrument is the third organ of the church. Van Dam built the first in 1806 (for the Reformed Church at Voorburg), the second was a Dekker organ from 1931.

Mense Ruiter Orgelmakers chose the work of Heinrich Hermann Freytag (1759-1811) as a model. The organ has 31 stops on slider chests with tracker action for Hoofdwerk, Rugwerk and Pedaal. Three diagonal bellows and a concussion bellow for the Rugwerk supply wind of sufficient stability. The cases are relatively large, to provide better blend. The cases are designed in a moderate modern style that fits well in the church interior. The touch is exact and corresponds with the size of the organ. Plenum registrations sound clear and broad, the flutes are nicely varied, the reeds convincing in character and power. Less good is the exaggerated attack of the flue pipes, which impairs the blend of the sound. The organ was voiced with as little nicking as possible; Freytag might have used more nicking when working in a comparable situation.