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Wie Nowy Sącz: Second International Organ Duo Competition
Waar Nowy Sącz
Lucjan Lipiński Hall & St. Casimir
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Nowy Sącz: Second International Organ Duo Competition

As promised during the prize presentation ceremony of the First International Organ Duo Competition PER ORGANO A QUATTRO MANI, we have prepared a second competition of this unusual kind. An excellent level of artistic performance presented by the participants of the first competition and a wonderful atmosphere surrounding their musical efforts, as well as frequent inquiries about the continuation of our endeavor, kept us motivated to work hard, so as not to betray the trust placed in us.

The rich and varied repertoire for two organists playing one instrument had for many years played only a marginal role in the programs of the festivals organized in Poland. Recently, however, we observe in Poland a marked growth of activities of organ duos which present ever more sophisticated programs. It is hard to resist the impression that it was the competition organized in 2018 by the SOKÓŁ MCC in Nowy Sącz that exerted an essential influence on this change. The competition became a forum of exchange of experiences for highly gifted musicians from seven countries, who took up the challenge to enter a rarely frequented area of performance. We derive a great satisfaction from this, but at the same time we realize that this is only the beginning of a path to the fascinating world of organ sounds. A comparison of these sounds with the potential of a symphonic orchestra takes on a special meaning in the context of duo playing. For that reason, taking advantage of the availability in Nowy Sącz of two very interesting and inspiring instruments, as well as of the great organizational potential of the SOKÓŁ MCC, we would like to invite again to Nowy Sącz organists who want to expand their performing experience and to enrich their concert repertoire with works which will surely arouse the interest of the audience.

Although the members of the jury of our competition will select the winners – since such is the essence of every competition – we will do our best to ensure that no participant leaves Nowy Sącz feeling defeated, but instead full of artistic impressions and inspired to further work.

The Second International Organ Duo Competition PER ORGANO A QUATTRO MANI will begin on 9 October 2020 and will last eight days, full of exciting events. I recommend them all to you, hoping to see you in Nowy Sącz.

Competition schedule and program

The competition PER ORGANO A QUATTRO MANI is part of the Sądecka Akademia Organowa organized by the SOKÓŁ Małopolska Culture Centre in Nowy Sącz (SOKÓŁ MCC).

Competition schedule

  1. The competition consists of preliminary selection based on audio-video recordings and of three rounds which will take place in the following locations in Nowy Sącz:
    1. Round I, 10-11 October 2020
      Lucjan Lipiński Hall, SOKÓŁ MCC
    2. b. Round II, 13 October 2020
      St. Casimir church
    3. c. Round III, 15 October 2020
      Lucjan Lipiński Hall, SOKÓŁ MCC
  2. The prize winners concert and the presentation of prizes will take place on 16 October 2020 in Lucjan Lipiński Hall, SOKÓŁ MCC.


Preliminary selection (audio-video recording)

  1. Adolf Hesse (1809-1863)
    Fantasy in d-minor op.87
  2. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
    Brandenburg Concerto no.3 in G major BWV 1048
    1st movement

Round I

  1. Denis Bédard (*1950)
    Petite Suite
  2. Paul Ducas (1865-1935)
    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Round II

  1. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
    Brandenburg Concerto no.3 in G major BWV 1048
  2. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847)
    A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    Overture op. 21
  3. A free-choice composition or compositions (other than the ones performed in the previous rounds or to be performed in Round III).
    Total duration of the presentation in Round II: 30-35 minutes.

Round III

  1. Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921)
    The Carnival of the Animals (with the movement Pianists omitted)
  2. Naji Hakim (*1955)
    Rhapsody for organ duet
  3. Transcription of a composition by a Polish composer from the Romantic or Neoromantic period, written originally for a symphonic orchestra or a solo instrument with orchestra.
    Selected movements from a multi-movement work can also be performed.
    Total duration of the presentation in Round III: 50-55 min.


For the performance of the transcription, the participants can use any arrangement available or one’s own arrangements.

Rules and regularizations

of the Second International Organ Duo Competition

  1. The competition takes place in Nowy Sącz on 9-16 October 2020.
  2. The organizer of the competition is the SOKÓŁ MCC.
  3. All competition rounds are open to the public.
  4. The competition is open to organists of all nationalities and any age, except for the winners of the first prize of the First International Organ Duo Competition.
  5. Applications should be made through the on-line form posted on the website The deadline is 24 April 2020. The on-line form will be active starting on 2 March 2020. The following should be submitted electronically together with the application form:
    1. Evidence of having graduated from or of studying at a higher school of music (a copy of the diploma or a valid student ID) or a letter of recommendation from the instructor;
    2. An audio-video recording of the compositions indicated in the rules and regulations (no editing, cuts are allowed between the compositions only). Recording parameters: resolution 1920 x 1080, format mp4 full HD, max. size 7 GB;
    3. A black-and-white photograph, min. 300 dpi.
  6. Confirmation of each application will be sent to the e-mail address given in the application form.
  7. The applications will be evaluated by the jury members, on the basis of the materials submitted.
  8. A written confirmation of participation in the competition will be sent by e-mail to successful applicants by 18 May 2020.
  9. The order of appearance in the competition, valid until the end of the competition and determining the order of the rehearsals, will be established by random drawing which will take place on 29 June 2020. The drawing will be audio- and video-recorded. The results will be communicated to the participants in writing (by e-mail).
  10. Application fees (per duet):
    • For participants from Poland – PLN 400
    • For participants from other countries – Euro 100
    • Payment of application fees should be made by bank transfer by 24 April 2020 to:for payments in PLN:
      61 1240 4748 1111 0010 6015 1387
      Polska Kasa Opieki S.A. Oddział w Nowym Sączu
      ul. Jagiellońska 26, 33-300 Nowy Sącz

      for payments in Euro:
      IBAN: PL 95 1240 4748 1978 0010 6065 8482
      Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A. Oddział w Nowym Sączu, ul. Jagiellońska 26, 33-300 Nowy Sącz, Polska

      Account holder’s address:
      Małopolskie Centrum Kultury SOKÓŁ
      ul. Długosza 3, 33-300 Nowy Sącz

      Please make sure that the participants’ first and last names, as well as the reference „A QUATTRO MANI”, are included in the payment.

  11. Application fees will be refunded to unsuccessful applicants only.
  12. Participants are responsible for travel expenses, accommodation and meals in Nowy Sącz until the end of Round I. Information regarding available accommodation can be sent on request.
  13. For the participants of Round II, the organizer covers accommodation and meals from the evening meal on 11 October 2020 through breakfast on 17 October 2020, if requested in the application.
  14. Every participant will obtain:
    1. Printed materials related to the competition;
    2. Entry tickets to the rehearsals and to the prize winners concert.
  15. Each duet will have an opportunity to play on the instrument used for the competition rounds, only at times indicated by the organizer.
  16. Round I rehearsals begin on 8 October 2020. A detailed schedule will be posted after the random drawing of the rehearsal order.
  17. Participants should report to the Office of the Competition at the SOKÓŁ MCC in Nowy Sącz, 3 Długosza St (entrance from Kościuszki St), no later than two hours prior to rehearsal time. The office will be open from 4 pm through 11 pm on 7 October 2020, and from 8 am through 4 pm on the next days.
  18. Participants are obliged to perform registration and to turn pages without assistance of a registrant or a page turner. Both competition instruments have an electronic memory system and each duet will have at least 500 combinations at its disposal.
  19. Prize winners will be obliged to perform at the prize winners concert for free. Refusal to participate in the prize winners concert will amount to forfeiting the financial award.
  20. Any correspondence related to the competition should be sent to the organizer:
    Biuro Organizacyjne II Międzynarodowego Konkursu Duetów Organowych PER ORGANO A QUATTRO MANI Małopolskie Centrum Kultury SOKÓŁ ul. Długosza 3 33-300 Nowy Sącz tel.: +48 18 448 26 51
    or by e-mail:
    Questions related to the program of the competition should be addressed to the secretary of the jury:


The following prizes will be awarded:

First prize 30.000 PLN
Second prize 20.000 PLN
Third prize 10.000 PLN

  1. The Jury reserves the right to withhold the award of prizes or to change their number, with the condition that the amount of the first prize will not be divided.
  2. The prizes will be paid by bank transfer to the accounts indicated by the prize winners.
  3. The Jury can also award honorary mentions and additional awards (such as concert engagements).


The participants will be evaluated by an international jury consisting of:

Ireneusz Wyrwa Poland
Arvid Gast Germany
Jeremy Joseph Austria
Christophe Mantoux France
Konstantin Volostnov Russia
Jarosław Wróblewski Poland
Małgorzata Trzaskalik-Wyrwa