The Friedrich Leichel organ in the Lambertuskerk in Arum (II – conclusion)  History, context, and restoration

by Theo Jellema | Photo's: Jan Smelik | Het ORGEL | Year 118 | (2022) | Issue 3

Leichel-orgel, Arum

The organ builders Bakker & Timmenga completed the restoration of the Friedrich Leichel organ in the Lambertuskerk in Arum in October 2021.  Theo Jellema was the consultant.  In preparing this restoration he carried out thorough (archival) research into the organ history of Arum in general and the Leichel organ and its history in particular.  This resulted in discovery of a number of previously unknown facts, which are presented in this 2-part article.  In the first part Jellema describes the history of the organ and places it in the context of Frisian organ culture.   This 2nd part treats the later history of the organ, including the restorations of 1940 and 2020.  In conclusion the author gives a few comments as a player and listener.