The ‘Leipziger Choräle’ of Johann Sebastian Bach:  backgrounds, structure, collecting

by Albert Clement | Het ORGEL | Year 119 | (2023) | Issue 5

Johann Sebastian Bach, Allein Gott in der Höh sey Ehr, BWV 662, fragment autograaf. Collectie: Staatsbibliothek Berlin. Preußischer Kulturbesitz ( Bach P 271)

Much has been written about the chorale settings in the manuscript in the state library of Berlin [Mus. ms. Bach P 271] called ‘Leipziger Choräle’ {Leipzig chorales or Great eighteen in English}, but some aspects have been neglected.  This contribution looks at these compositions from a wider context, with particular attention for the backgrounds, the structure, and the creation of collections at the end of Bach’s life.