Organ in the middle of town. A history of the Doelen organ in Rotterdam, 1968-2018. Part 2

by Iddo van der Giessen | Het ORGEL | Year 117 | (2021) | Issue 4

Foto: Jaap Koole

In the more than 50 years of organ music in ‘de Doelen’ in Rotterdam two periods can be distinguished:  the years under Arie J. Keijzer from 1968 to 1989, and the years under Geert Bierling from 1997 until today.  The 1st half of this article discussed the history of ‘de Doelen’, the neo-baroque character of the organ, the appointment of Keijzer, and the Bach series with which he made the organ famous.  This concluding article discusses first how Keijzer organized series of North-German baroque masters and the organ works of César Franck.  Attention is then directed to Geert Bierling and his ‘Concerts populaires’ with arrangements for organ, which presented the ‘Doelen’ organ in a very different manner, and his series of Bach and Händel programs.  The article closes with a comparison of the two periods in the history of the ‘Doelen’ organ.