Cornelis Rogier and his notebook (1)

by Frans Jespers | Het ORGEL | Year 117 | (2021) | Issue 2

Cornelis Rogier. Bron: West-Brabants Archief, Archief Rogier, wba-004, inv. nr. 5)

Cabinet maker and organ builder Cornelis Rogier (1804-1885) worked during half a century in and around Bergen op Zoom.  In 1837 he began making notes in a notebook that he kept up to an very old age.  The Geschiedkundige Kring (historical club) of Bergen op Zoom published a book about Rogier and his notebook in 2016.  But the book gives little attention to the admittedly sparse notes about organs in that notebook.  In this article I fill this gap and present some other new data about the organ maker and his production.  The article begins with a biographical sketch.  Then the notes on organs from the notebook are presented and provided with annotations.