The voicer (3): Sound as poetry and teamwork. A portrait of Jan Koelewijn

by Frans Brouwer | Photo's: Piet Leeflang | Het ORGEL | Year 116 | (2020) | Issue 3

Jan Koelewijn onderzoekt het pijpwerk van het orgel in de Lebuinuskerk van Deventer

The third voicer’s portrait introduces the work of Jan Koelewijn, voicer with Orgelmakerij Reil and organ maker for more than 40 years: a person who almost never learned things from somebody else, but always wanted to discover for himself how technique, playing, culture, and history come together in sound. The good fortune of being surrounded by good people has made Jan the versatile voicer who for more than 30 years has given a voice to small and great organ projects in the Netherlands and far from home. Frans Brouwer visited Orgelmakerij Reil in Heerde and let a gripping story-teller with a strong critical capability talk about voicing, playing tuba, archiving, making films, and cooking, about imagination, instant knowledge, and especially teamwork.