The organ maker Vitus Wiegleb by Peter van Dijk

by Peter van Dijk | Het ORGEL | Year 112 | (2016) | Issue 3


Peter van Dijk The organ maker Vitus Wiegleb
Het ORGEL 112 (2016), nr. 3, 16-23 [summary]

Vitus Friedrich Wiegleb, born in 1699 or 1700, was the fourth son of the organ maker Johann Hieronymus Wiegleb (1664-1723). The father came from Pferdingsleben near Gotha (Thüringen) and had established himself as organ maker in Heldritt near Coburg (Oberfranken). His oldest son Johann Christoph (1690-1749) is best known as the builder of the 3-manual organ in the St.-Gumbertuskirche in Ansbach (completed in 1738). Vitus Wiegleb was doubtless trained in his father’s shop and may have worked there until his father’s death. Of Wiegleb’s activities as independent organ maker from 1728 there are nine projects known that are described in this article. The choir organ that is now in the Grote or Barbarakerk in Culemborg can be added to the list as tenth project.