New works for trumpet and organ by Piet van der Steen

by Piet van der Steen | Het ORGEL | Year 110 | (2014) | Issue 6


Piet van der Steen New works for trumpet and organ
Het ORGEL 110 (2014), nr. 6, 16-21 [summary]

The trumpeter Peter van Dinther and Piet van der Steen have been performing together for years. In publishers’ catalogs one can find works for trumpet and organ, but their number is very small compared to what has been written for other small ensembles. So Van Dinther and Van der Steen try to get composers to write new works for trumpet and organ. This article presents several of these new compositions: Signes by Kees Weggelaar, Fair Play by Joep Straesser, A Festive Fantasy by Rob Goorhuis, Sound the Trumpet by Daan Manneke, and Psalmtonen by Andries van Rossem.

Andries van Rossem