The former organ at Manor Ter Horst by Corrie de Kool

by Corrie de Kool | Het ORGEL | Year 101 | (2005) | Issue 2

Corrie de Kool The former organ at Manor Ter Horst
Het ORGEL 100 (2005), nr. 2, 14-18 [summary]


In one of the annexes of Manor Ter Horst, near the village of Loenen (Veluwe) there was a clandestine chapel from 1792 until 1849. In 1849, when Catholic Churches were again officially accepted in The Netherlands, organ builder Kuerten moved the organ to the new village church. The organ seems to have been bought second-hand by the lord of the manor from organ builder Arnold Graindorge at Liège. He, in turn, might have acquired it from a man from Lyon, who had bought it from the Order of the Gray Sisters at Tiers. In 1894, the organ was replaced by a new instrument by the organ builders Gradussen. They did not re-use any parts of the old organ.