Peter van Dijk: New organs at Gouda and at Soest

by Peter van Dijk | Het ORGEL | Year 95 | (1999) | Issue 4


Peter van Dijk &
Rogér van Dijk
‘New organs at Gouda and at Soest’
het ORGEL 95 (1999), nr. 1, 25-28 [summary]

On 29 November 1997 the Nijsse organ in DeOpen Hof (a church) at Soest was inaugurated, on 18 September 1998 the Van der Putten& Veger organ in De Driestar (a school) at Gouda. Jean Telder was consultant in Soest,Jaap den Hertog in Gouda. The specification of the Nijsse organ at Soest is based onana-lyses of the Hoofdwerk’ of 18th-century Dutch organs. Manual I represents the Diapasonchorus of such a ‘Hoofdwerk’, Manual II the flute stops. The Pedal stops are transmittedfrom Manual I. The balance between the stops is convincing, the speech of the diapasonssomewhat unclear. The Werckmeister III-tempe-rament is nicely modified. The front isfunctional, though not very remarkable. The Van der Putten & Veger organ at Gouda isdesigned to accompany choirs, other instruments and congregational singing. To makedirecting and teaching easier, the organ was designed with a free-standing console. Theorgan sounds clear; polyphony can be followed clearly. The front of the organ, designed bythe organ builders and architect Wim S. Ros, gives the instrument quite an originalaspect.

Organ in Gouda

 The organ at Gouda