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The National Catholic Reporter
The National Association of Pastoral Musicians
Galvenston-Houston Archdiocesan Chapter of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians.
National Association of Pastoral Musicians St. Louis Chapter
National Association of Pastoral Musicians: Wichita Chapter

OHS Organ Historical Society  (Pipe Organ Database)
2016 OHS Convention Philadelphia
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Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation
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The largest pipe-organs in the world
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Church Organ Trader
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The Pipe Organs of Alaska
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Presbyterian Association of Musicians
John Gingrich Management, Inc.
Classical Midi Organ Stop (CMOS)
Acoustical Society of America
Organ Classifieds
Discussiongroup Churchacoustics
The Zimbelstern
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Association of Anglican Musicians
Pipe Organ Foundation
ORGANLive, internet broadcast station
Personal Pipe, a guide buying a pipe organ for the home
Buffalo, The Organ in the Temple of Music and the Organists Who Performed at the Pan-American Exposition
Personal Pipes, a guide buying a small pipe organ for home use
Abston Church of Christ (church of LEGO blocks with organ)
The American Municipal Pipe Organ Website
Discussiongroup The Monarch of Music
Wisconsin Solo Organists
Organconcerts in the Seattle area
Michael's Music Service 
The Early Music Shop
Restoration Stories: The Boston University Symphonic Organ
The Pipe Organs of Alaska
The Good Shepherd Institute
Classical Music Events Calendar for Southeast Florida
Edison and pipeorganrecordings
The Music of Freemasonry Organist Corner
Movie: The Organistas 
The Church Organ Trader
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Great Stalacpipe Organ, Luray Caverns
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Promotionmusic’s Blog
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Organists' News by Susan Burkhalter
National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM), Pittsburgh Chapter
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Organ-ic Chemist
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Harvard Organ Society 
Pipe organs of Cape Cod & the Islands
Baroque Keyboards
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Taylor Organ Competition
NPM, Columbus National Pastoral Musicians
National Association of Church Musicians
Church Music Solutions
Organ Concert Calender 
Harvard Historical Society, 1870 Stevens & Co. organ
SLC Organ Crawl
Organprofiles Find Organists and Organ Teachers Online...
Encoremusiccreations, (Lars Gjerde, Brett Judson and Scott Perkins)
Oklahoma Alliance for Liturgy and the Arts
Sacred Classics
Community of Christ, Organs 
American Institute of Musicology (Corpus of Early Keyboard Music (CEKM))
American Friends of the Leipzig Bach Archive, Inc.
Historical Keyboard Society of North America (HKSoNA)
East Texas Pipe Organ Festival
Junior Bach Festival
David Wold Associates
The American Liszt Society
Organ lightning
East Texas Pipe Organ Festival
East Carolina Musical Arts Education Foundation
Harvard Organ Society
American Music Preservation
Arizona Bach Festival
Society for Seventeenth-Century Music 
Washington State Music Teachers Association
Organ.Media Foundation

Homeless Pipe Organs
Early Music America

Southern Lutheran Kantor (Nathan)
Justanotherorganist.blogspot (Jim)
W. Raymond Ackerman
Jacob Adler 
Doug Alderdice
Dennis Allen
Patrick Allen
Lenore Alford
Dell Anderson, Organquest
Margaret Angelini
Gail Archer
Agnes Armstrong
Kit Armstrong
Robert August (August Music Services)
Mark A. Babcock
Gary Bachlund
George C. Baker  
Steven Ball 
Mike Barker
Brian Bartoldus
Chelsea Barton

David Baskeyfield
Aram Basmadjian
Jennifer Bate
Philip Bayles
Nathan Bayreuther
Karen Beaumont
George Becker
John Behnke
George Becker
Diane Meredith Belcher
Joby Bell
Marilyn Biery and James Biery
Diane Bish
John Bishop Organ Clearing House Blog
David Bohn
Jackson Borges
Brian Borowski
Adam Brakel
Christo Bresnahan
David Britton (1942-1992)
David Brock
Kyler Brown
Tim Brumfield
Cathy Bruno
Christoph Bull
Paul Bunjes(1914-1998)
Bradley Burgess
James C. Burke
Michael Burkhardt
Herbert Burtis
Brink Bush
Douglas E. Bush
H. Joseph Butler
Stephen Buzard
Neal Campbell
John Cannon
Tyler Canonico
John Edward Cantrell
Nicholas Capozzoli
Nicholas Capozzoli
Cameron Carpenter
Paul J. Carroll
Kevin R. Cartwright
Chase Castle 
Dennis Chan
Matthew Chapman
Chelsea Chen
Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault, Duo Organists 
Ben Chi
Alcee Chriss
Heinrich Christensen organ and Jodi Hagen violin
Shin-Ae Chun Parmentier

Elizabeth Clark
Kevin M. Clarke
Richard J. Clark
Lee Cobb
Christopher Creaghan
Karen Electra Christianson
Leonardo Ciampa
Andrew Clarkson
Susan J. Clearman
Richard Clemmitt
Gerald Cluff
Judith Conrad
James H. Cook
Carson P. Cooman
Robert Corso
Leon W. Couch III

Craig Cramer
David Crean
Katherine Crosier
Pat Graham Crowe
Richard Crowley
Matt Curlee
Carlo Curley (1952-2012)
Monica Czausz
John Ronald Daniels
Lynne Davis
Pamela Decker

Isabelle Demers
Jeb Dennis 
Richard Densmore, Pipe Organ Records Issued by Edison
Scott Dettra
Ellen Dickinson
Jonathan Dimmock
Joan DeVee Dixon
Emma Lou Diemer
Margo Dillard
Jonathan Dimmock
Gregory Doerfler
Henry Doktorski
Thomas Dressler
Isaac Drewes
Michael Dulac
Dr. DuMont
Bryan Dunnewald
Robert Ehrhardt
Larry D. Ellis
Laura Ellis

Robert Elmore (1913-1985)
Katelyn Emerson
Mark Trawick Engelhardt 
Stefan Engels
David Enlow
Egbert Ennulat
William Entriken
Roger Evans
Frank Ezinga
Anthony Fabro (Travelin' Tony's Home Page)
Robert G. Farrell
Alfred Fedak
Paul Fejko
Frank Ferko
Daniel Ficarri
Jon Fick
Todd Fickley
Tom Fielding
David Fienen
Simon FitzGerald, Aeolodicon
Heinrich Fleischer (1912 - 2006)
Sean Fleming
Andrew Focks
Alexandra Fol
Stuart Forster
Virgil Fox (Power-Biggs <--> Virgil Fox)
Frederick Frahm
Steven Frank
Faythe Freese

Tina Frühauf
Hans Fugal
Raphael Fusco
John A. Gambill
Michael Gandolfi
Daniel E. Gawthrop
Raphi Giangiulio
Paul Gibson
James Gilbert
Jon Gillock
Robert E. Glasgow (1925-2008)
Charles Goehring
Thomas D. Gonder
Bernard Gordillo
John Gouwens 
Brett Greene
Branden Grimmett
Kevin Grose
Jeffrey Grossman
Fredrick Guzasky
James Guthrie 
David Hairston
Jonathan B. Hall
Matthew.J. Hall, USA
Gregory Hamilton
Stephen Jon Hamilton
Ahreum Han
Kathrine Handford

Barbara Harbach
Christopher Barrett Jennings & Brian Preston Harlow
J. David Hart
Justin Hartz

John Haskey
Sarah Hawbecker

David H. Hegarty
Jonathan Hehn 
Kim Heindel
Felix Hell
Howard Helvey
Andrew Elliot Henderson
Heather M. Hernandez
Maria LeRose Herndon
Paul Hertz
Richard L. Hess
Michael Hey
George Hiatt, Charleston organist
James D. Hicks
Jim Hill
Tim Hinck
Richard Hird
Aaron Hirsch
Jamie Hitel
John Karl Hirten
Vince B. Ho
Brian Hoffman
Frederick Hohman
Christopher Holman
James Hopkins
Michelle Horsley
John Hosking
Christopher Houlihan
Riyehee Hong
Robert Horton
Devon Howard
Christopher J. Howerter
Doug Hubbard
Richard Hudson
Richard Huggins 
Emerita Margaret Irwin-Brandon
Ryan William Jackson
Saen Jackson
Ole Jacobsen
Christopher Jennings
Christopher Barrett Jennings & Brian Preston Harlow
Wilma Jensen
Mary Jodice
Brent Johnson
Cleveland Johnson
Edie Johnson
James Johnson
Trent Johnson
Brian Jones
Edward Elwyn Jones
Jeannine Jordan  Bach&Sons Multimedia concert MultiMedia Organ Concert
Jerrell Kautz
Marilyn Keiser
Nicole Keller 
Dexter Kennedy
Kevin at Home
James Kibbie
Jin Hee Kim
Dave King
Phillip Kloeckner
Jan-Piet Knijff
Donald E. Knuth
Jens Korndörfer
Benjamin Kolodziej
Angela Kraft Cross
Peter Krasinski
Jan Kraybill
Patrick W. Kreeger
Walter Krueger
Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler
Ann Labounsky
Jared Lamenzo
Scott Lamlein
Anthony Mark LaMort
James Lampert (Organ Joke Page)
Christian Lane
Ethan LaPlaca
Andre Lash
Nathan Laube
Eugene Lavery
Andy Lawrence
Bradley Lehman
Edwin H. Lemare (1865-1934)
Charlie Lester
Adam and Christine Levin
John Linker
Marianne Lipson
Barbara Lister-Sink
Nathan Lively
Dan Locklair
Penny Lorenz, Artist Management
Ardyth Lohuis
Marsha Heather Long
Renee Anne Louprette
Colin Daniel Lynch
Amy Maier

John Mason
David McCarthy
Matthew McConnell
Marlin Mackley 
Griffin McMahon
David McVey
Matthew Mainster 
Haig Mardirosian
John Martin Marks
Joel Martinson
Malcolm Matthews
Susan Jane Matthews
Monte Maxwell
Sean Mayes
Eric A. Meece
Katherine Meloan
Zahari Metchkov
Samuel Metzger
Jim Michmerhuizen
Aaron David Miller
Dan Miller
Ben Mitchell
Jeffrey Moellman 
Rosalind Mohnsen
Amanda Mole
Scott Montgomery
Bob Moody
Shelly Moorman-Stahlman
Robert Huw Morgan
Alan Morrison
Mary Mozelle
Randall Mullin
Anna Myeong
Nicholas Mynyk
Terry Nace
Zvonimir Nagy
Daryel Nance
Andrew Nelson
Mark Nelson
N. Seth Nelson
Anthony Newman
Arthur Nobile, Jr.
Matthew Noonan
Frances Nobert 
Dennis Northway
Mark Nummert
Roger Nyquist
Steve Odland
Hector Olivera
Timothy Olsen
Charles W Ore 
Jonathan Orwig  
Glenn Osborne
Jan Overduin
Marcia van Oyen
Gary Pace
Marc Pacoe 
Paul F. Page
Adam Pajan
Dorothy Papadakos
Patrick Aaron Parker
Robert W. Parker
Brett Patterson
Stephen Paulus
Thomas Pavlechko
Michael Perkins
Josh Perschbacher
C. Anthony Pessarra
Andrew J. Peters
Gregory Peterson
Roger T. Petrich
Marko Petričić
David Pickering

Daniel Pinkham (1923-2006)
Gary van der Ploeg
Eric Plutz
Matthew J. Pool
Emily Maxson Porter
Nigel Potts
Edward George Power Biggs (1906-1977)
Jordan W. Prescott
Mary Preston
Sean Price
Stephen Price
Ma Teresa Sierra and Raul Prieto
Tim Pyper
Dr Quinn's View From The Swell Box
Christa Rakich
Andre Rakus
Bob Ralston
Gardner Read (1913-2005)
Alistair Reid
Derek Remes
Matt Rhodes
Zac Ricker
Dorothy Young Riess
Ann Marie Rigler
Joseph Ripka
George Ritchie
Cristiano Rizzotto
Gavin Roberts
Caroline J. Robinson
Timothy Robson
Catherine Rodland
Chip Ross
Justin Henry Rubin
Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra  
John Rust 
Jonathan Ryan
Brandon Santini
Edward Schaefer
Yitzchak Schaffer , Phoenix Organist
Kathleen Scheide
David Schrader
Dave Schutt
Rick Seaton
John Seboldt 
Andrew Shenton   
Dong-ill Shin  
David Sinden
Rhonda Sider Edgington
Kelvin Smith
Wyatt Smith
Paul Soulek 
John Speller
Damin Spritzer
Edward L. Stauff
George B. Stauffer
Jim Steinborn
Steven Seigart
David Warren Steel

Paul Stetsenko
James Roy Stettner
Gordon Stewart
Tamara Still
Hal Stoddard
Alastair Stout
Harold Stover
Aaron Sunstein 
Brian Swager
Peter Sykes
Eriko Takagaki
Mark Thallander
Stephen Tharp
Maxine Thevenot
Keith Thompson
Michael Thorn
Timothy Tikker
Hanspeter Tschupp
A. Thompson-Allen
F. Anthony Thurman 
Richard Toensing
Lois Z. Toeppner
Keith Toth
Gwendolyn Toth, Artek Early Music Blogspot
Lynn Trapp
Karl Tricomi
Ken Tritle
Joseph Trucano
Phillip Truckenbrod (Concert Artists)
Michael Ttsalka
Rosalyn Tureck (1915-2003)
Gordon Turk
Susanna Valleau
Frank Vanaman
Kevin Vaughn
Joseph A. Vitacco III
Klaus Volpert
Julian Wachner
Bob Waldrop
Matthias Wandel
Nathalie Wang 
K. Scott Warren 
Kiyo and Chiemi Yamada  Watanabe
Richard Webb
Melissa Weidner
James Welch
Russell Weismann
John West
Lucius Weathersby
Nicholas White
Emma Whitten
Thomas Wikman

Mark Willey 
Carol Williams
Danielle Williams
Dave Whitmore
Artis Wodehouse
John A. Wolfe
Dale Wood
David Yearsley 
Janet Yieh
Amir Zaheri

Universities and music-schools/Universiteiten en muziekscholen
University of Kansas, Bales Organ Recital Hall
Kansas State University Keyboard division,
University of Kansas, School of Music
Kansas State University-Manhattan Pipe Organ Encounter (POE)

Durham, NC, Duke University, Duke chapel
Boston University
Brigham Young University School of Music
Rene Clausen Choral School
Michigan University
Peabody Conservatory
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music 
New Albany, Indiana University Southeast
University of Alabama
Stanford University, Memorial church
Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Alva, Oklahoma
Ohio University Galbreath Chapel
Oberlin, Conservatory of Music
University of Oklahoma The Mildred Andrews Boggess Memorial Organ 
California State University Northridge
Harvard Memorial church
New England conservatory of music
Royal School of Church Music America
RSCM Carolina Course
University of Michigan inaugurated Blanche Anderson Moore Hall
Yale University, Institute of sacred music
Yale University, Battell Chapel
Texas Christian University, school of music 
Knoxville, University of Tennessee
University of Evansville
University of Nebraska, Glenn Korff School of Music
Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern University
University of Delaware, Bayard Sharp Hall
Phillips Academy, Andover, Cohran Chapel
St. Peter, Gustavus Adolphus College
Chicago University, Rockefeller Memorial Chapel
Princeton University Chapel
Stetson University
Florida, University, William Edward's University Chapel-Auditorium
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Clayton College & State University, Spivey Hall
Ohio university, Galbreath Chapel
Mount Pisgah Academy
Mount Vermont, Iowa, Cornell College
New York, Columbia University, St. Pauls Chapel
Buffalo, State University of New York
New York , Clinton, Music Department Hamilton College
Wellesley, MA , Wellesley College
Brevard College, NC, Paul Porter Center for Performing Arts Concert Hall
University of Texas Butler School of Music'
Denton, University of North Texas
Arizona State University
Claremont University MIM The Musical Instrument Museum
Claremont Graduate University, Music faculty
University of Mississippi, Paris-Yates Chapel 
Pittsburg State University, McCray Recital Hall
Pittsburg, University, Heinz Memorial Chapel
Fayetteville, NC, Methodist College
Frederick, MD , Hood College
Florida State University, Opperman Music Hall 
Bob Jones University
Los Angeles, University of California
Appleton, Lawrence University
Texas Tech University, School of Music
Wheaton, Wheaton College, Edman Chapel
Stanford (Palo Alto), California, Stanford memorial Church
Curtis Institute of Music
East Carolina University, School of Music
John J. Moores School of Music
Piedmont College
Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, Gaylord Music Library
University of Southern Maine, Corthell Concert Hall
California State University Chico
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Trinity College, Hartford, CT, Trinity’s Chapel
University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music  (Eastman Rochester Organ Initiative. EROI)  Sibley MusicLibrary Craighead-Saunders organ project
Syracuse University, Setnor Auditorium in Crouse College   
Poughkeepsie, New York, Vassar College Department of Music
Furman University, Greenville, SC, Charles E. Daniel Memorial Chapel 
Iowa State University, Morrill Hall
Potomac Organ Institute
Greencastle, IN, DePauw University 
Salem College School of Music
Concordia Theological Seminary, Kramer Chapel
Raleigh, NC, Meredith College
Southern Oregon University
Oregon University
Goshen, Indiana, Goshen College
Tacoma, WA, Pacific Lutheran University
Gainesville, FL, University Lutheran Church
Notre Dame, Indiana, University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, Indiana, Basilica of the Sacred Hear
University Lutheran Church, Gainesville, FL
Champaign, IL, University Place Christian Church
Columbus, Ohio, Conservatory of Music Capital University 
Emory University
Colorado State University (Organ and Liturgical Studies)
Winter Park, FL, Rollins College, Knowles Memorial Chapel 
Fort Wayne, IN, Concordia Theological Seminary: Kramer Chapel
Northfield, Minnesota, St. Olaf College
Interlochen Center for the Arts, MI, Dendrinos Chapel
Waverly, IA, Wartburg College Chapel 
Menlo Park, CA, St. Patrick's Seminary Chapel
Valparaiso University, Chapel of Resurrection
Colorado Springs, CO, Colorado College Shove Chapel
Holland, MI, Hope College
Muncie, Indiana, Sursa Performance Hall, Ball State University
Oklahoma City University
Steubenville, OH, Franciscan University, Sacred Music
The Juilliard School
St. Petersburg FL, Saint Petersburg College
Sioux Falls, SD, Augustana College
Abilene, Texas, Hardin-Simmons University
Norman, University of Oklahoma, American Organ Institute
Greenville, SC, Bob Jones University 
Duquesne University Mary Pappert School of Music
Bethel University, Benson Great Hall
University of Virginia, McIntire Department of Music
Western Connecticut State University, Music department
Hesston, KS, Hesston College
Wichita State University, Wiedemann Hall
Heston College, Hesston Mennonite Church
University of Pittsburgh, Heinz Memorial Chapel Office
Cornell University
Loyola University Chicago, Madonna della Strada Chapel
Colorado State University, Recital Hall 
Cambridge, Girton College
University of Florida Organ webpage
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA
Montclair, New Jersey, Montclair State University, Cali School of Music  
Cape Cod Conservatory 
Newtown Square, PA, The Episcopal Academy
Washington University, School of Music
Rider University Westminster, College of Arts
University of Oklahoma, School of Music
Wilmore, Ky, Asbury University
Tulsa, Royal School of Church Music 
University of Montana, School of Music
Saint Paul, Minnesota, University of St. Thomas
Waco, Texas, Baylor School of Music 
St. Lawrence University Canton, NY
Iowa Western Community College, Music Department 
Portland Conservatory of Music 
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Department of Music
University of Tampa , Sykes Chapel
Fort Worth, Texas, The College at Southwestern, School of Church Music 
San Antonio, TX, Trinity University
Project MUSE, The Johns Hopkins University Press
Kutztown University Department of Music 
McPherson College, Performing arts 
Schwob School of Music
Ann Arbor, MI, University Musical Society - A history of great Performances
Macon, Georgia, Wesleyan College
Concord, NH, St. Paul's School, Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul
Dallas, Texas, Southern Methodist University, Caruth Auditorium
Winston-Salem, NC, University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Rice University
Woodberry Forest School   Woodberry Forest, VA, USA
Greencastle IN, De Pauw University 
Portland, Oregon, Lewis & Clark Law School
Redlands, CA, University of Redlands  
University of Missouri, The Conservatory of Music and Dance
Sewanee University, Department of Music
Drury University, Music Department 
Weymouth,MA, Bosse School of Music
Royal School of Church Music-St. Louis
Randolph College, Lynchburg Virginia
University of Vermont, Department of Music and Dance
Church Music Institute
Sonoma State University | Green Music Center , Schroeder's Recital Hall
Suzuki Association of the Americas, organ
University of South Alabama Department of Music
Indiana Fine Arts Academy
Rowan University Department of Music
University of Nebraska Omaha Music department
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Coe College
Allendale, MI, Grand Valley State University Department of Music and Dance
Collegeville, Minnesota, College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University Music department

Charlotte, NC,Pfeiffer University, Division of Arts and Sciences
Shawnee, OK, St. Gregory’s University, Department of Visual and Performing Arts 
Shrewsbury MA, Pakachoag Music School of Greater Worcester 
Riverschool Conservatory 
New York, Manhattan School of Music 
St. Paul, MN, University of Northwestern
Worcester, MA, Assumption College
Los Angeles, CA, California State University
Norwalk, CT, Seabury Academy of Music & the Arts 
Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music 
Music School of Delaware 
Sanford, Saint Andrew's Conservatory of Music
University of Mississippi, Department of Music

Houston, Texas,Organ Department at Rice University's Shepherd School of Music. 
Ypsilanti, MI, Eastern Michigan University

CD and notes/Cd's en bladmuziek
Advent Press
Albany Records
Albany Music
Alfred Music
A-R Editions, Inc.
Arsis Audio
Augsburg Fortress
Bagaduce Music Lending Library
Bardic Edition
Barnes & Noble
Berkshire Record Outlet
Block M Records
St. Bonaventure Publications
Boosey & Hawkes
Fred Bock Music Companies
Brandon Music
Brodt Music company
Boydell & Brewer
Cantica Nova Publications
Cedille Records
Celestial harmonies
Centaur Records
Crystal Records
Church Instrumentalist
Church Publishing Inc.
Colors of the organ
Concordia Publishing House
Dale Music Co.
Daedalus Books
Deerwood Music
Dellamano Music Publishing
Denouement Records
Divine Art Recordings Group 
DSP recordings
DTR -- Direct-to-Tape Recordings
Dover Publications
Duke University: Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library
Dulcian Productions
East Coast Music
ECS Publishing
Eddings Music
Elkin Music International
Elusive Disc, Inc.
Epiphany Recordings 
Fieldstone Music
Frog Music Press
Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc.
Fruhauf  Music  Publications
Ghotic records
GIA Publications, Inc.
Good Faith Press
Judy Green Music
Hal.Leonard Corporation
Harrock Hall Music
Haydn House
Head's House of Music
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