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ISO International Society of Organbuilders
MusforumThe Online Magazine for Women Organists
Mechanik der Poesie II - Die Orgell im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert
Software for organbuilders
Orgue-l -- A forum for serious discussion on pipe organs 
DIYAPASON-L ,List for owners and builders of their own home PIPE organs.  
The Organ Forum  
Churchacoustics E-Mail-group
Au Monde l'Orgue, forum discussion group
Forum The Romantic Organ
European Guild of Organists
International Organ Foundation  
Sound Canvas Pipe Organ Project
The pipe organ tracker project
International Inventory of Musical Sources   
Orgels op postzegels/Organs on stamps
Large Hot Pipe Organ
Iowa State University, Musica Antiqua and the organetto
The hydraulic organ
Association of Independent Organ Advicers
Ricercare, database on organmusic about chorals
Organ music
The Zimbelstern
Baroque Music
Alltheweb organpictures
Orgue à Feu 
World Wide Keyboard Bank
GEMM, World's largest music catalog
European Cities of Historical Organs (ECHO)
World Concert Artist Directory 
The Glorious Sound 
An Introduction to Historical Tunings by Kyle Gann  
OrganART Media - The European Virtual Church Organ Project 
Flue pip Acoustics - The Physics behind the sound of organpipes, whistles and flutes by Richard J. Weisenberger 
Órganos de Hispanoamérica 
Alexander Technique  
What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body 
Strange organs: Car pipe organ, House Organ, Kazoo Organ, Musical Fountain Organ, Networked Church Organs, The Explode O Phone 
Musikerkrankheiten (diseases of musicians) 
Hannover Institute of Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine
Die Orgelseite (The world's largest organs )
Freehand Musicpad
Pipe Organs wiki
Wikipedia, pipeorgan photos
The International Archives for the Jazz Organ (IAJO)
Pipe Organ News
Early Keyboard Journal 
Does the Pipe Organ have a Future?
Musipedia, the open Music Encyclopedia
Webring Organ Builders and Dealers
Organ Pipe Metallurgy
Movie "Organistas" 
Organos de Hispanoamerica
Flickr, organphotos
Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology-OnLine
Pipe Organ Goodies and Music Gifts
Pipe Organ Demonstration Events
Organ Cases of the World - L'orgue et ses Buffets
GoArt, Truesound project 
Guide de la Musique d'Orgue
OrganMuse, automatic performance assistant for organs
Sea-organ in Croatia (Zadar)
L’Orgue À Structure Variable (OSV)
Alink - Argerich Foundation An Independent Worldwide Information and Service Centre for Musicians and Competitions
European Organ Festival "Ways to Rome", General
Groenling's photostream
Pipe Organ Demonstrations
Baroque Keyboard FIngerings
Organ, Wikipedia
Julian Rhodes' Dream Organs 
Pipe Organs Remarkable and Historical Instruments from around the World
Gramophone Archive 
Pipe Organ Forum
MIMO - Musical Instrument Museums Online
Orgelpark Amsterdam
Fugue State Films
The International Historical Organ Recording Collection
The International Adventist Musicians Association (IAMA)
PageFlip, Automatic Page Turners for Hands-Free Reading 
Bilila pagescore turner
The European Virtual  Historical Pipe Organ Project
Internationalen Quellenlexikon der Musik (RISM)
Organ Index
NZ Churchmouse, Pipe Organ Gifts and goodies
Connecting Arts/ Stichting Voor de Wind  / Het Europese orgel festival, Netherlands & General 
Independent Worldwide Information and Service Centre for Musicians and Competitions
Pipe Organs of the World on Postage Stamps
European Suzuki Association Organ Project (Lars Hagström & Gunilla Rönnberg)
Musica Dei donum
Pipeorgan – PDFs Search engine.
Baroque Keyboard Fingerings: A Method
The Effects of Pallet Size on Pluck and Windflow in a Pipe Organ
The Performance of 16th Century Music
Organ Terminology - German-English
South America and the Organ by Andrés Günther
AGO, Europe Chapter
Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss 
Gramophone, Classical music magazine
Klavar Muziek 
The Sheet Music Archive
Mutopia LaFolia on line music review The Orgelbüchlein Project
How products are made Pipe organ
Concert Organ International
Musipedia Melody catcher Milken Archive of Jewish Music
Polaron, Virtual Organ Apps, based on Napo
Organdemonstartions Info
Biography of organs
Organimprovisation Remarkable and Historical Instruments from around the World,
Guild for Early Music
Society for Eighteenth-Century Music
Encyclopedia of Organ Stops
The virtual Choral Libray Musica International
Paper-organ Tauba Auerbach - The Auerglass two personpump organ Musical Geography
Meloteca Music & Arts Organs
I write the Music: Organlinks
Essex Organ Museum Musicians and Hearing Loss
Soar Above~ about the King of Instruments
OrganTutor Organ 101 Audiophile Audition
Musicshop Europe


International Directory of musicians 
World Concert Artist Directory Organ 
Concert Artist Cooperative
Albert Schweitzer Association Internationale Albert Schweitzer  Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Albert-Schweitzer-Komitee e.V. Weimar Albert-Schweitzer-Komitee e.V. Weimar Blog
http://www.albert-schweitzer-zentrum.deDeutsche Albert-Schweitzer-Zentrum Albert Schweitzer Page Albert Schweizer Haus Königsfeld (AFAAS Association Française des Amis d'Albert Schweitzer)  Nederlands Albert Schweitzer Fonds Albert Schweitzer 100 Jahre (Albert-Schweitzer-Komitee e. V. und Stiftung "Albert-Schweitzer-Gedenk- und Begegnungsstätte" Weimar) Albert Schweitzer (Orgelkonzerte 100 Jahre Ethik der Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben)

Alpha, Fuga Libera, Ricercar &Aeon
Baroque-Music Club
EMI Classics
F.y.e For your Entertaiment
Grooves Inc.
Harmonia Mundi
Musik Fabrik 
RCD Europe


CD Sheet Music
Werner Icking Music Archive 
Worldwide Music International 
Classical Music Direct
Megalo Music  


Internet Organ Music Publishers and Stores
Webring Organ Builders and Dealers