Aad Alblas The Genevan Psalter in its time
Het ORGEL 97 (2001), nr. 36-39,  [summary]

On 22 and 23 March a congress on ‘The Genevan Psalter in its time’ took place in Emden (North Germany). International experts gathered to discuss the present state of knowledge.

The Johannes a Lasco Library at Emden initiated research into the culture of reformed Protestantism: dr. Christoph Strohm (Bochum) investigates ‘Jurisdiction between 1550 and 1650’; dr. Eckhard Grunewald (Oldenburg) and Dr. Jan Luth (Groningen) are investigating the ‘Huguenot Psalter’, Dr. Heinz Schilling (Berlin) the influence of protestant upbringing in early modern history. Grunewald and Luth organised the congress.

Other speakers were Dr. W. van ’t Spijker (Apeldoorn) and Dr. Robert Kingdon (Madison)MadisonM<, on the church historical context of the Psalter; the Psalter was very popular, and Johannes Calvin stimulated this. Dr. Jan Smelik (Groningen) treated ‘Calvin’s theology of music’, which should not be judged with Luther’s theology of music in mind; Calvin was less a rationalist than a biblical humanist. Dr. Edith Werner (Paris) agreed with that point of view. Dr. Francis Higman (Geneva) pointed out that Geneva Psalter was viewed as a proper reproduction of what the Bible said.

Other lectures were given by Dr. Dietrich Gutknecht (on the Psalter melodies), Dr. Robin A. Leaver (Princeton, on the psalm melodies that appear also in Lutheran hymn books) and Masaaki Suzuki (Tokio, on the introduction of the Psalter in Japan).